Today we are with Felix Hovsepian, Felix has worked at the technical level (mostly R&D) as well as various levels of management within a variety of organisations. His experience has taken him across the realms of R&D, academia and the commercial sector in Europe as well as the USA.

Felix’s specialties include the likes of

• C-Suite advisory on emerging technologies

• Technology strategy

• Commercial R&D projects

Systems Design & Development for regulated business sectors such as;

- Medical - Finance - Energy - Education - Electric Vehicles - Legal - Digital Security

Not only that, he has also made time to take a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence – which he has been doing since 1983 with extensive knowledge on…

• Intelligent Agents • Complex Adaptive Systems • Machine Learning • Machine Reasoning • Logic • Meta-Logic • Topological Dynamics • Cybernetics & Systems Theory • Fusion of AI with Internet of Things And just when you thought there wasn’t any more time in Flexis day he has Co-authored a book – released this year called: "The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Business