We're proud of the relationships our team has developed over the past 49 years. These testimonials show just how much of an impact Jenrick has on helping clients grow their businesses and candidates build their careers.

Perhaps even more valuable than praise are the successful outcomes demonstrated by case studies. If you’re currently experiencing a challenging situation at work, we’d welcome speaking with you. More often than not we’ll have helped someone overcome a similar obstacle and will be able to show you how we did it using a real world example. 

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To whom it may concern…I must say it has been my privilege to work alongside Joanne Bailey of Jenrick Engineering in our efforts to get a suitable design engineer to work for us.

I am aware it’s not straightforward due to a shortage of good engineers and as such getting the right type of person is very difficult. Joanne came out to meet us in her attempts to understand our company and our full requirements.

At all times she has shown a professional approach as well as determination to find the right candidate. We are fortunate enough to have interviewed an ideal person and are currently awaiting them to serve their notice period. Joanne has kept me up to speed with developments even outside of normal working hours. This is testament to her role as a senior consultant with Jenrick Engineering.

Thanks again Joanne…so far, so good.

Owner - March 2014

"Beki provided a particularly supportive role in securing the position for me with IAC following a short period between jobs. Information about progress during the job application process was always available & she was a very helpful contact while I was employed by IAC. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective job-seeker."

Production Planner - June 2013

"Jo has provided a great service for my company. Generally 'recruitment' people can become a general pain. Often they flood you with CV's and don't actually listen to the exact requirements needed for the position you are looking to fill.

This is NOT the case with Jo. She is very focused on trying to find exactly what you are looking for and I've always found her to be very professional with great results.

Highly Recommended."

UK Quality Manager - March 2013

"Jo, is the best recruiter I have worked with. She was very supportive and kept mine and the companies' interests at heart. Jo was very good at keeping me informed at each stage. She went above and beyond the requirements and even introduced me to a very good contact before he jumped on a plane.

I definitely recommend Jo as a recruiter and I will be using her when it comes my time to recruit!"

Project Manager - February 2013

"Lee is a very reliable and skilled person, is a professional and kind recruiter and it is a pleasant to work with him. Is important for companies and candidates to be supported by a good technical recruiter like him."

Quality Manager - December 2011