We're proud of the relationships our team has developed over the past 49 years. These testimonials show just how much of an impact Jenrick has on helping clients grow their businesses and candidates build their careers.

Perhaps even more valuable than praise are the successful outcomes demonstrated by case studies. If you’re currently experiencing a challenging situation at work, we’d welcome speaking with you. More often than not we’ll have helped someone overcome a similar obstacle and will be able to show you how we did it using a real world example. 

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It’s the first time I have had opportunity to drop you a note regarding the two candidates we shortlisted for our role.  I must say both were of very high calibre and presented both David and I with a very tough decision to make.

In an ideal world with the budget I would have offered both a role, but of course we could not. 

I am very much looking forward to Laura joining Xylem but I also would like you to convey my personal thanks to Lynda as she was also a very good candidate and I wish her every success in the future.

General Manager

Our organisation recently had an urgent need to resource five multi-skilled engineers to carry out a commissioning role on a large automated materials handling project. 

Jenrick quickly identified and screened applicants and presented us with high-quality, suitably experienced candidates within a very short time period. 

Communication between Jenrick, the candidates and ourselves was excellent throughout and the whole process progressed rapidly to a successful conclusion.

This has been the best recruitment exercise I’ve experienced and I am very impressed with the service I’ve received from Jenrick.

Service Manager

I must say it has been my privilege to work alongside Joanne Bailey of Jenrick Engineering in our efforts to get a suitable design engineer to work for us.

I am aware it’s not straightforward due to a shortage of good engineers and as such getting the right type of person is very difficult. Joanne came out to meet us to understand our company and our full requirements.

At all times she has shown a professional approach as well as determination to find the right candidate. We are fortunate enough to have interviewed an ideal person and are currently awaiting them to serve their notice period.

Joanne has kept me up to speed with developments - even outside of normal working hours. This is testament to her role as a senior consultant with Jenrick Engineering. Thanks again Joanne…so far, so good.

Managing Director

I will always come back to Jane and Jenrick because they know my company inside-out. I don’t have to waste any time explaining my requirements or the type of person I need. They immediately get stuck into the search.

The service from Jenrick is excellent - it’s so refreshing to find an agency that actually does what we ask for, and does so in a professional yet friendly way. 

Without doubt, Jane takes the stress out of the recruitment process and I feel it is a genuine partnership between the two of us. When she says she’ll call, she always does – I know this is such a small thing, but it is very important.

There are also times when we use Jenrick for more commercial roles; it’s great that they deal with a broad spectrum of roles, not just engineering.

We decided to start using Jenrick on a exclusive basis after requiring a very specialised engineering role, that needed to be filled in a short time-frame – not only did she source someone who fit the bill perfectly, the turn-around was extremely fast.

We were bowled over by the speed and efficiency of the service. This certainly helped to sway our decision to work on an exclusive basis with Jenrick. 

I have to admit that I am usually very ‘anti-recruitment agency,’ but working with Jane changed my view on this.

I’d definitely recommend Jenrick to anyone wanting to use recruitment agencies.

HR Manager

Over the 4 years or so that we have worked with Jenrick and Jane, we feel she has developed a clear understanding of our business. 

In particular, there is definitely an understanding of the soft skills we require from candidates, i.e. personality fit with the existing team, and we appreciate that Jane always considers the broader aspects of our business when searching for new candidates, such as location, travelling and such like.

It is clear that Jane listens carefully to the initial briefs that we provide, as she doesn’t send over a mountain of CV’s; instead she narrows them down to an average of 2/3 CV’s – Jane really drills down to the finer details therefore locating more accurate/relevant candidates.

To us, Jenrick are not just an engineering recruitment agency, we also consider you as a first port of call for positions in other areas.

In short, Jenrick are much better than other recruitment agencies we have worked with.

HR Manager

I have worked with Jane for several years now and over that time we have developed a strong working relationship coupled with good understanding of one another.

Jane has visited our site on several occasions which has enabled her to gain a firm understanding of our needs, which has clearly reflected in the quality of candidates that have been put forward to us over the years.

Communication levels are very good and I feel comfortable with every aspect of Jane’s service.

One of Jane’s key strengths is her candidate network – whenever I contact her with a new role I can guarantee that she knows someone who will be an ideal fit.

Jenrick and Jane are always my first port of call when it comes to recruitment and I would definitely recommend your services to other companies.

Financial Director

Since you have been involved in our new Bradford site recruitment, and the replacement process for our Burton Site Manager, I have found that your professionalism and attention to detail with what you are communicating and supplying in the form of candidates is excellent, and far surpasses any previous experience I have had with any recruitment consultant.

I find your approach, openness and honest opinion refreshing, and your email regarding 'what our customer wants' was 100% spot on, and for me this has put you in high esteem, as I do not believe I would have received this from any other consultant.

Regional Operations Manager

We have worked with Jenrick Recruitment to fill a number of vacancies that we have had over the past year. 

I have found that everyone at Jenrick is always very professional and knowledgeable. 

I have worked closely with both Charlotte and Russell, who have both taken the time to get to know myself and my recruiting managers to the best of their ability, so that they can source the right candidates who would fit into our business and succeed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenrick to any company who needs assistance and support with their recruitment needs.

HR Advisor

This is, as you know, my last timesheet I will be submitting.

And I would just like to say thank you very much for the help and support you have given to me over the years.

I have enjoyed working with you, and this now means we can plan our family’s future, which means the world to me. I wouldn’t be in this job now if it wasn’t for all of you at Jenrick.


David – Engineer

Beki is a superb specialist recruiter who has helped identify and support filling various skilled roles within an engineering environment.

I was particularly impressed by Beki’s ability to handle even the toughest challenges and offer successful solutions in addition to Beki’s professional attitude and pleasant nature which always built onto a progressive relationship.

I would always in the first instance approach Beki for my specialised recruitment especially when time and costs are restricted.

Quality Containment Manager - October 2015