Senior Engineer – Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Job Title: Senior Engineer – Computer Vision & Machine Learning
Job Reference: HQ00055964

Location: Egham
Job Type: Permanent

Daily Rate - Open For Negotiation
Sector: IT

Posted 14 days ago

This hugely successful technology corporate near Egham requires an exceptional Senior Engineer with Computer Vision and Machine Learning skills to join their R&D team focused on investigating, designing & building face feature tracking, face mesh estimation & face texture recovery.

With the freedom & autonomy to design solutions creatively and follow through with implementation while collaborating closely with others, the Senior Engineer will share knowledge & experience to enable the projects to drive forward at pace through applying Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques.

With a project to investigate and implement image enhancement technologies for deployment on a mobile device awaiting your start, you can be sure that this role offers interesting and ongoing challenge.

As the Senior Engineer for Computer Vision and Machine Learning you will:
  • Review state-of-the-art computer vision research papers and develop cutting edge algorithms.
  • Prepare proposals and proof of concept implementations of innovative ways to overcome technical challenges and enhance user experience.
  • Work alongside and collaborate with other engineers to solve complex solutions.
  • Have technical responsibility for one or more significant sections of the assigned project.
  • Create new solutions for the next wave of outstanding products and services.
Skills and Qualifications

Required Skills
  • Masters, Ph.D., or equivalent experience in Computer Vision or Machine Learning (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, etc.)
  • Experience of Deep Neural Networks applied to Computer Vision problems, e.g. segmentation, depth estimation, image enhancement, etc.
  • Expertise with Machine Learning libraries such as TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, Torch or Theano.
  • Experience in software development using C++/Python, testing and debugging tools.
  • Ability to provide good technical design documents and clearly present complex ideas.
  • Excellent communication skills, teamwork, results-orientated attitude, proficiency in problem solving.
Useful Skills
  • Appreciation of Computer Graphics: shading, texturing and geometry processing.
  • Knowledge of 3D reconstruction from images.
  • Experience of Android application development.
Interested candidates should apply now and can expect initial feedback on their application
Trevor  Lee


Trevor Lee

Managing Director

In 2006 I decided to form Jenrick Commercial and now nearly 15 years later the business has thankfully gone from strength to strength. Having now been in the mad world of recruitment for nearly 25 years, I've seen a massive amount of change in that time (in my early days we used to fax CV's off to a client and if you were looking for work you use to photocopy your CV and even hand-deliver it into the agency, there was no internet in the early days!!) 

The foundation of our success has always been to build the greatest relationships with both our clients and candidates, we are always super honest and try to leave the greatest impression with everyone you connect with. 

My father taught me that life is very much what you put in, put a little in and you get a little out, put a lot in, and of course, you get a lot out. This is a rule I firmly believe in and has served me well over the years. 

What can I tell you about me? Well, I have been married for nearly 25 years (my wife is extremely lucky or completely mad) and we have a beautiful son Toron who is 15 now. I also cannot function properly without a triple shot skinny wet latte first thing in the morning. If you ever catch me before this time then I apologise in advance! I go to the gym every day and I've probably been on a diet since I was born so I am very body and image-conscious. 

I am also a glass half full type so love listening to Tony Robbins motivational podcasts to give me that extra kick. I support West Ham United so I definitely need something positive as I don't get it from the team I support. I also love the good old US of A (California). I think my music taste is great (it's very eclectic) however the team in the office are always moaning about my playlists (it's them that have no taste).

Why recruitment? Well, I love people, I genuinely love to understand how people tick, and after 25 years I know I'm damn good at what we do. In this job, every day is different and I'm humbled and grateful that I have met some amazing people over the 20+ years, plus it's always lovely to change peoples lives for the better so to play a part in their journey of life is something I am truly grateful for. 

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How 2018 unfolded for Jenrick Commercial and our prediction for 2019

2018 wasn’t a particularly straightforward year for many businesses around the UK, however despite this 2018 was another steady year for us as a business. We saw our business thrive and peak in 2017, with it being our best year ever, and 2018 saw us level on par with that. So for us as a business having this continuity in strength was reassuring and gave us confidence despite the media advertising otherwise due to Brexit.


In Quarter 4 we did see the usual reduction of volume of candidate’s applications. We do find this to be the norm prior to Christmas, many candidates often put aside looking for a new role in November until the New Year so this wasn’t a surprise. Although we did see a lull in candidate movement at the back end of the year, a point to note is that not one candidate we spoke to advised that they were staying put until after Brexit.


What has been a surprise is that normally we do see higher response of volume on applications and candidates looking for work at this point of the year, following the theme ‘New year, new career’, however applications have been far lighter compared to the start of 2018. This highlights that the war on good, quality talent is becoming even more difficult.


On the flip side the volume of new jobs has been very steady, even rising slightly, since Jan 1st. This is based on our client growth as well as the strong relationships we have formed with our current clients – around  91% of our business is referred of repeat. January and February have been a great start to the year with both placement of permanent and contract positions increasing so we are seeing no slow down with new business.


Where’s the future at?


It goes without saying that Brexit will no doubt shape and define where the market goes. The likelihood is increasing that we will extend the negotiations and not leave as planned on the 29th March. While we are unsure as to how long the delay will be, it could dominate through to the end of 2019 meaning a steady and cautious, if not unpredictable, year.


Whatever the outcome is; a deal as planned, a delayed deal or even a no deal then we do foresee the market to the cautious throughout 2019. Obviously the sooner the decision is made then the more likely it will be that we will see stability in our industry and the overall market conditions of the UK bringing confidence back in and normality taking hold.


As most of our clients tend to sit within either; Technology, Professional Services, Financial Services we definitely haven’t seen any change with new opportunities, however the market is all around confident and if confidence is high then opportunity will flow.


If you are looking for exceptional staff or your next career move then contact us on 01932 230868 or

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