The 'New Normal' Office Environment

It's great to be back in the office!
But things have changed. There are little differences around the building and a few new rules too!

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Jenrick appoints London-based Design Agency ‘The Tree’ for 2015 Brand Re-Fresh

We can’t quite believe it ourselves but it was eight years ago when we launched the new Jenrick brand. Simon Murphy, CEO of Jenrick, explains why the initial re-brand project was undertaken: “If I go back 10 years or so, you could ask anyone in Jenrick to describe the values of our company they...

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Winner of The Winter 2014 Jenrick Experience - Nicky Holmes at Jenrick Engineering Burton office!

Congratulations to Nicky Holmes at Jenrick Engineering Burton Office who was awarded the very latest ‘Jenrick Experience’ which means that she has been given £1,000 to make her dream come true! Take a look at Nicky’s full entry below:

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SUBMIT? My Jenrick Experience...

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The Jenrick Engineering team completed 5K Winter Warrior extreme obstacle and mud run to raise money for Jack

On Saturday 31st January Julie, Kerry, Leanne and Sarah from the Crick and Burton teams at Jenrick Engineering  took part in a 5K Winter Warrior extreme obstacle course and mud run at Donington Park Race Track, as part of the fund raising efforts to help Jo Bailey’s (who also works at Jenrick...

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How The Jenrick Experience changed Sarah Butler's life.

I (Sarah Butler) was so lucky to win the last Jenrick experience and I chose to learn how to swim! Now I can hear some of you saying "yeah what’s so good about that" but let me tell you, it really has changed my life! I had never learnt to swim and it was something I got by without... until...

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The SonRise Programme - The chosen cause that received £1000 as part of the 2014 Jenrick 'Helping Hand'

Congratulations to Jo Bailey at Jenrick Engineering's Burton Office, whose nomination has been chosen (voted by the team at Jenrick), as the cause to receive £1000 for this year's Jenrick 2014 'Helping Hand'. To read Jo’s full Helping Hand nomination, please click here. How will £1000...

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‘Helping Hand’ nomination to attend the SonRise programme to help my autistic son

WHAT IS YOUR HELPING HAND IDEA / INITIATIVE With £1000, I would like to attend the SonRise Program to help give our autistic Son a voice. WHAT IS THE BACKGROUND OF YOUR NOMINATION Our son is now 2 years old. The first 18 months of his life were what every new parent could ever wish...

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