We can’t quite believe it ourselves but it was eight years ago when we launched the new Jenrick brand. Simon Murphy, CEO of Jenrick, explains why the initial re-brand project was undertaken:

“If I go back 10 years or so, you could ask anyone in Jenrick to describe the values of our company they would all use words such as welcoming, personal, authentic, caring and memorable. Yet, our external branding didn’t enable us to communicate any of these strengths with our customers. This was why, when we launched the new Jenrick brand, we placed so much emphasis on ‘people’ within our website and other marketing. We wanted everyone to realise that it‘s the people within Jenrick that make the company such a unique place to work.”

Now, almost 10 years on from this launch, as a company we've grown and evolved with the brand - it feels a natural part of the company and has helped to firmly establish Jenrick as an organisation that combines all of these wonderful strengths to deliver one of the most professional and personal recruitment solutions within the UK.

The next chapter

However, all of us within Jenrick are committed to constantly improving everything that we do, which is why we continually question ‘how we do things’ with the goal of making ourselves and our service levels even better - and our branding and marketing is no exception to this philosophy. This is why we embarked on several weeks of interviews with external creative design agencies in Q4 of 2014 with the goal of finding the right partner who could build upon what we have created over the last 8 years and help us share the strengths of Jenrick with even greater effectiveness.

Appointing “The Tree”

Of all the companies we saw, there was one in particular that stood out – The Tree. The energy, knowledge and creativity that Founders Ed Fraser and Daniel Andrews displayed immediately made us feel comfortable and confident that this was the Agency we wanted to appoint. Daniel (Founder and Managing Director of The Tree) has developed his extensive experience and knowledge in the marketing and design arena through working within several leading London Creative Agencies. 18 months ago he (and Ed) took the plunge to channel this passion into starting their own agency, and The Tree was born:

“Jenrick is a passionate and compassionate business that embodies a very similar ethos to us at the tree.  As a result we’re extremely excited about working with them to help grow and develop a brand that truly reflects what Jenrick do for their clients and personnel on a daily basis.” 

Ed (Head of Content and Production at The Tree) will be project managing the Jenrick account and is excited about the value he and his team can add to the Jenrick brand:

“Jenrick are known for their personal, reactive and ethical approach to professional services.  Working with Jenrick gives us a fantastic opportunity to help them communicate this more effectively both on and offline. To be working with a business that has such exacting professional and personal standards will be truly rewarding.”

Next steps

Ed and Dan have already commenced the research phase of the project, which will entail consultation with a number of Jenrick’s Clients, Candidates and Staff, as Ed explains:

“Taking the time to gain the views of perspectives of what ‘Jenrick’ means to the company's staff and customers adds another dimension to our research and provides insights that you would never normally consider. We always find that we achieve far more innovative outcomes for our Clients when we’ve had the opportunity to consult with key stakeholders within the business.”

On completion of the entire brand re-fresh project (scheduled for the summer of 2015), Jenrick will be able to unveil an updated company logo and brand image, a completely new company website, plus a fresh communication suite of brochures, stationery and other corporate communication.

More details: If you’d like to know more about the project please contact Kimberley Evans, Head of Marketing for the Jenrick Recruitment Group, on 01932 230 850.