Within the last few weeks the payroll team at Jenrick have received some wonderful feedback from Contractors regarding how much they value and appreciate the daily payroll service that Jenrick provides…

“In 16 years of contracting, I have never received a remittance advice and payment so quickly.  The two things a contractor needs are support from the agency and being paid on time. Both boxes are ticked with Jenrick. Well done!” “Thanks to everyone at Jenrick, you really have been the best agency I've dealt with over the last 6 years.”

We asked Matt Hancock, who has been managing a high number of Jenrick’s contractors for more than 17 years, to explain why Jenrick commits to providing a daily payroll service:

 “Everyone who comes into contact with Jenrick always comments on the personal service they receive. To us, offering a daily payroll service, makes sense – a contractor shouldn’t need to wait for payment just because we haven’t received payment yet from the Client. The contractor is representing us and we are also representing them; it is a partnership.”

Summarising the key benefits of the DAILY contractor payroll service:

  • Daily payment Monday to Friday, upon receipt of contractor timesheet
  • Jenrick does not wait to pay contractors until they have received payment from the Client - as soon as the timesheet is approved, the contractor will receive immediate payment.
  • Monthly invoices and corresponding timesheets can be sent to our accounts office (via fax or hard copy) on any day of the week and as long they reach us by 12 noon our accounts team will process your pay on that same day.
  • Clients and Contractors receive one email address/one point of contact/direct payroll line, resulting in a consistent and personal service.

We are very pleased that this service is of great benefit to our contractors and thank you all again for your continued feedback and support. Would you like to know more about contracting through Jenrick?

  • There are many other benefits of contracting through Jenrick. For more details please contact 01932 245 500.

Image source: Thanks to payescape.com for providing us with such a good image for this article.