The Burton Branch team of Jenrick Engineering have just returned from an action packed weekend in Dublin as part of a team building initiative. The weekend was a chance for the whole team to spend some quality time together outside of the workplace to celebrate their achievements and to reap the rewards of their success. An amazing trip was had by all and here’s what some of the team had to say following the event:

“Best weekend I've had in a very long time. Couldn’t of spent it with a better group of people, laughed from start to finish!! Brilliant!” “An excellent experience; I visited a European city I have always wanted to with a team of people who I love! The trip exceeded all my expectations and more – Let’s hope next years trip will be equally as enjoyable” “Not only did we get an all expenses paid trip to possibly the best city in the world, we also got to celebrate our achievement as a team and share the rewards of our hard work together and in style…This was as much a part of the fun as the live music, partying and Dublin hospitality”

The experience has resulted in a strong team bond and are now even more motivated to achieve as a team and are already planning on the destination for next year! FURTHER INFORMATION If you would like to  explore job opportunities within the engineering sector, or wish to seek advice regarding recruiting contractors or permanent staff, please contact our Jenrick Engineering office at Burton on Trent on 01283 548 121.