Congratulations to Sophie Paterson of Jenrick Commercial who is the latest winner of The Jenrick Experience, a popular wellbeing initiative at Jenrick. For a long time, Sophie has loved wakeboarding but has always wanted to brush up on her skills and learn some new extreme tricks that she can show off to all her family and friends. Sophie entered the Jenrick Experience asking if she could get some secret professional wakeboarding lessons to help her become a pro! And now that her name has been picked out of the hat she can now make this dream a reality. Here's what Sophie wrote for her entry: To set the scene.....nearly every week-end in the summer I spend my days at a lake in Yateley, Hampshire where Chris (boyfriend) and his brother (Phil) own a jet ski and where we all wakeboard.

There is always a bit of competition as to who is better, who will learn the best tricks and who will end up pulling the most painful face plants (landing on your face - breaking the water with your face at 15-20mph - ouchy) - I'm pretty spectacular at these. I started off being the better wakeboarder (beating the boys) but now Phil has had a few sneaky lessons putting me to shame.  All of my skills (if you can call them skills) are self taught. My Dad who owns a boat took up wakeboarding about the same time as I did and is better than me... my 53 year old Dad is better at wakeboarding than me!!! I cannot let this happen for much longer! Therefore I would love to use the money to be able to take some secret lessons to be able to progress quicker and to really show Phil and my Dad up!! This experience will be a once in a life time opportunity, I'm not getting any younger so the longer we leave it the harder the tricks will be to learn and my ability to be 'fearless' will be significantly reduced!  Once I have mastered a few more tricks, they will be learnt for life increasing my confidence and 'cool-ability' amongst my Dad and boyfriend's brother! The memories I will take away from this is photographic evidence that I am actually 'cool' and that I'm better than my 53 year old Dad/Chris' brother as well as having a lasting skill that will never be forgotten.  I love wakeboarding so much that I'll be a 90 year old granny still riding (that's slang for wakeboarding!!).  It'll be lovely to spend quality time doing something I love and of course learning a skill that without this opportunity I would keep finding other things to spend money on!

We hope you have a brilliant time Sophie and look forward to seeing the photographic  evidence of your new learned pro skills!! Thank you to everyone who entered the draw. Remember to enter again for our Spring Jenrick Experience, as next time it could be you! FURTHER RESOURCES: