This was story behind the incredible photo featured for December in the 2015 Jenrick charity photo calendar called ‘A glistening snowscape’, taken by Darren Pye. Darren chose to donate his prize of £100 to Myeloma UK, a charity that means a lot to him personally. 

Myeloma UK is a charity focussed on accelerating the discovery and development and access to new treatments, while helping patients and their families cope with everything a diagnosis of myeloma brings. Here is Darren's story behind the photo…(click on the image for a close-up view!): 

“I took this photo in January 2013 on a family ski holiday in a small French village called ‘Thollon les Memises’ where we have a holiday apartment. It was a very quiet and tranquil day on the ski slopes - the cloud was covering the valley below and you can normally see quite a distance from that spot but as the clouds were low, only the mountain peaks were showing. The sun was bright and it was a very crisp, cold day – I got my camera out and needed a very quick shutter speed as it was so bright, making the snow twinkle!!"

Thank you Darren for sharing the story behind your photo!

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