The stunning photo featured for October in the 2015 Jenrick charity photo calendar called ‘Misty mountain morn’. This incredible picture was taken by Michal Tekel who explained the story behind the photo…(click on the image for a close-up view!)

“This picture was taken in the Czech Republic when I visited National Park Czech Switzerland. The Park is situated in the north of the Czech Republic on the border between Czech and Germany. It was my first visit and my friend took me to this viewpoint. We set off from our B&B at 4am and started to walk in the dark with our headlamps on. We reached the summit half an hour before sunrise. There was nobody there except us and the landscape was calm and quiet, awaiting for first light. Fog in the valley added to the beauty of the view and the sunrise was astonishing. This is the main reason why I love landscape photography, those moments when first light touches the land... I took plenty of shots that morning - it was a magic morning and one of the best lighting shots I have ever done on my travels.”

Thank you Michal for sending this into us!