The Jenrick Recruitment Group are close to launching their 6th annual Charity Photo Competition, but first need your help with deciding on a theme! Over the last 5 years, The Jenrick Charity Photo Competition has been responsible for donating thousands of pounds to numerous charities and organisations spread throughout the UK and beyond, helping raise the profile of so many lesser-known charitable concerns along the way. We're soon to launch our 6th Jenrick Charity Photo Competition, BUT FIRST...

What would you like the theme for this year’s photo competition to be?

To kick start the competition we first need a photo theme! Thank you to those of you who have emailed us with your suggestions for a theme.  From that list we’ve come up with a final 5 for you to vote from!           Here they are:

NATURAL BEAUTY - This can be interpreted in many different ways - it can be anything that portrays outstanding natural beauty in your eyes whether it be nature, the weather, people, an object...the list is endless...

PLAY! - Play!/Having Fun is something every member of staff at Jenrick aims to incorporate spontaneously into every working day, to ensure that our workplace is both productive AND a fun place to be. What does Play/having fun mean to you? It would be great to see your interpretation through the lens of a camera!

24 HOURS - The world is such a diverse place that there are so many interesting moments that can be caught on camera within 24 hours...there is a huge amount of scope to be creative and imaginative!

REFLECTIONS - This theme speaks for itself. We've had so many fantastic photos come through to us from our previous competitions that incorporated reflections, that we thought we'd introduce this as a theme all on its own!

TEAMWORK  - Capture clear examples of a team of people working collaboratively to achieve a common goal - it doesn't even have to be people, it could be animals - a team of ants working together, for example!!


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We've deliberately hidden the poll results so that we can unveil the winning theme on Wednesday 15th April 2014! Watch this space!!

Thank you all for voting!!!

How can YOU and your business get involved?

Are you interested in entering our 2015 Charity Photo Competition to have the chance of receiving £100 to donate to a charity of your choice PLUS have your photo featured in the 2016 edition of the Jenrick Calendar? If the answer is yes, here’s how you and your business/charity can get involved…

  • Do you enjoy photography? Then this is for you. Why not also spread the word throughout your office and get your co-workers involved too. The more the merrier!
  • Do you support a charity? If there is a particular charity that you feel passionate about, this is a quick-fire way to raise some extra funds for them.
  • Which charities does your company support? If your companies are involved in supporting charitable causes, then once again, this an ideal opportunity to raise additional funds for them. Feel free to forward this article to a member of your HR team or whoever within your organisation you feel would be responsible for promoting this further in order to reap the benefits!