On Saturday 31st January Julie, Kerry, Leanne and Sarah from the Crick and Burton teams at Jenrick Engineering  took part in a 5K Winter Warrior extreme obstacle course and mud run at Donington Park Race Track, as part of the fund raising efforts to help Jo Bailey’s (who also works at Jenrick Engineering) son Jack get to America to help with his learning and communication difficulties. Despite the freezing weather conditions (and a forecast of snow!!), together they successfully completed the challenging obstacle course, raising over £1,525 which will contribute towards Jack's Son-Rise Program, towards building Jack's therapy/play room, sensory toys, educational aides and any additional therapies Jack comes to need throughout his journey.

Please see below Jack's story:


Jack is a 2 year old boy who is developmentally delayed and on the road to an autism diagnosis. Jack currently has no speech or understanding of language and often struggles in social situations. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. Jack's parents are dedicated to helping him to grow and to combat his challenges. Frustrated by the lack of positive therapy within the UK, they looked further afield and discovered the The Son-Rise Program (http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org/) a self-funded, parent-led, home-based program which aims to enhance a child's relationships with those around them and to encourage communication. All funds raised by Helping Jack will contribute towards Jack's Son-Rise Program, towards building Jack's therapy/play room, sensory toys, educational aides and any additional therapies Jack comes to need throughout his journey.

Here a few images of the team taking part in the challenge:

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Here's what the team had to say following the run:

"As a mother of a young boy, I appreciate just how precious our children are. Jack is a very special boy in many ways and the love and thought that his parents have given as to how best to help him is outstanding. The winter warrior was tough, a personal challenge for me – I have the bruises to show just how much of a challenge!! But all through the race was the thought that our team had raised over £1500 for Jack, and that would mean that his parents could equip the sensory room that will be the start of his development and will help him to communicate in the world on a level basis with his peers as he grows, something that we all want for our children, but how often is that taken for granted?! I’m extremely proud of our team, it was a great day, for a fantastic cause, and I’m sure we will be doing more of them in the future!" Julie Alton - Managing Director at Jenrick Engineering “I nearly lost a finger to frost bite and Jack would be none the wiser, however when he gets old enough to understand, and gets his voice, he will thank me no doubt. I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions, however this year I decided I wanted to give more back by helping people or contributing something to my local community. Therefore, I felt that “Helping Jack” would be my first task of being help to fulfill that and to feel like I could really make a difference." Kerry Mumby - Crick Branch Manager at Jenrick Engineering "It was genuinely an amazing experience....I can't lie, I was dreading it in the week leading up to it! I loathe the cold and the idea of wading through water and mud and running 5k in freezing temperatures is a bonkers idea! But the reality was completely different and the buzz was incredible. Jack is a gorgeous little boy and he has the most amazing parents, I just feel so proud to be part of it. To have an opportunity to help raise funds to make a real difference to their lives is truly an honour." Sarah Davies - Delivery Consultant at Jenrick Engineering "Winter Warrior was so much better than I thought it was going to be - it was challenging but I loved every moment of it. There were over 30 different obstacles to complete from water, fire, nets and walls to climb. It was such a great experience. I am so proud we raised over £1500 for Jack and  I know what this means to Jo Bailey working with her each day as I know the obstacles herself, family and Jack have to overcome each day. This money will go along way to help Jack to develop even further." Leanne Thornewill - Technical Consultant at Jenrick Engineering

Here's a You Tube Video of what the Winter Warrior Run involves (just swap the blue sky for grey clouds, snow, ice...!!):