2018 wasn’t a particularly straightforward year, there were many factors such as Brexit - big political decisions that came with that and on top of that the media were forecasting a slowdown of UK GDP growth. All this gave the feeling of doom and gloom. Thankfully due to the great British resolve, for the most part, these factors were sidelined by businesses with the attitude of ‘We just need to get on with it, irrespective’. For us as a business it did really feel like business as usual, just with a side of caution.

December, being everyone’s shortest month, was one of our busiest. Christmas holidays felt months away! The theme of 2018 overall was more stable, the seasonal peaks and troughs throughout the year weren’t as drastic as previous years. Businesses were keen to ensure they were ready for 2019, keeping us as a business on our toes all the way through the year and into 2019.

We saw businesses investing in stability in the immediate future. That meant finding the best talent on the market to continue providing an excellent service to their customers while also ensuring a solid staffing foundation to weather any storms that may come.

This in turn meant that we saw a record requirement for all levels of staff which lead to one of our busiest years. So much so we had to increase our own internal staff levels to keep up with the demand. We did this in order to ensure we continued to provide the excellent customer service that Jenrick are known for, and clients are used to receiving.

We also saw more clients come on board in 2018 through word of mouth recommendations, an increase on previous years, which pays testament to the level of service we provide our clients. The demand in highly qualified jobs increased but we found that the talent pool of candidates has remained stable. This meant there were a shortfall of highly qualified candidates for specific and niche roles. This led employers to focus on upskilling existing staff, cross training people with different skills into certain roles and more recently looking at the older generation who have these key skills already in place.

Due to this skill shortage we are now seeing an even greater emphasis being placed on specialist agencies in the market who can build very niche prospective candidate networks and add real value to their client’s needs. Gone are the days of the generic recruiter - attraction techniques have evolved over the last few years. Utilising more social media, specialist networks, events and referrals have become a large part of our daily jobs along with your typical job board recruitment. It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know.

We’ve seen a huge increase in permanent and contract roles available over the last 12 months, with no sign of this slowing since the start of this year. With good quality candidates looking to make their next career move early on, this has led to 2019 starting off with all hands on deck. The first few months of any year are a good indication of what to expect from the rest, and therefore we expect the market to remain cautious but to also be focused on the core needs of businesses and shorten the time of current vacant roles.

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