On Tuesday 1st July 2014, Jenrick IT was proud to sponsor 'Future Fourteen' - an exclusive all-day CIO/CEO event by Richard Chase Events at the RSA in London. This one day event brought together a panel of Global Technology Leaders including the Head of Google Enterprise Cloud Platform, Former CEO of Zurich Insurance, the UK Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks, the Head of Cyber Defence at Airbus Defence and Space and many more, all sharing their thoughts and insights on the key events that will shape the Technology sector from now until 2020. In addition to the keynote addresses, there was the opportunity to attend a series of networking sessions, best practice discussions and leadership workshops. The event was designed to provide IT Leaders the chance to network with business peers and to discuss any future challenges that may arise within their organisations.

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Since the event, we’ve received an abundance of positive feedback (some of which are highlighted below):

“Many, many thanks for a fantastic day. It was truly awesome (not a word I use much!). I have attended a number of Cranfield’s School of Management CIO events which were similar, but they were not a patch on what you put on for us all yesterday.

What worked very well? Well I thought that the location, the diversity and quality of speakers and topics, the well-engineered networking and the content were all of an exceptional standard. My favourite speakers were Guy and Gary.

Both truly inspiring, easy to listen to and in my humble opinion, completely right in everything they said! I have been waxing lyrically about the day with my colleagues and I hope that you do something similar again in the future.

Once again, thoroughly enjoyed the day and thank you so much for the invitation.”

"Thank you for inviting me to last week’s Future Fourteen conference. Richard put on a great event. As I said at the time, it was the best conference I have been to for a while.

Philip, you were a very good host for the day. I wish all presenters would adopt your style of planting your feet and talking. All that pacing can be very distracting!

You can rest assured that Cloud is now top of my agenda.

Security also another theme worth pursuing. Unfortunately, vague issues of ‘security’ are often used to resist a move to Cloud (despite Cloud services being far more secure than most in-house built stuff hosted in third division data centres!)."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day, finding the speakers to be professional and interesting across the range of topics.

I especially enjoyed the view of hosting and cloud technology advancements provided by David Chalmers, Hewlett Packard, and Rob Easton of Google. Even with the miniaturisation which comes with technology improvements we still have to find practical solutions to cooling the data centres.

Andrew Beckett's presentation was both engaging but also frightening in its message.

The presentation which most hit home for me was the one given by Dianne Lowther, of Brilliant Minds. Hearing Dianne describe my own personality traits when she was describing the typical IT Department employee was quite spooky - right down to my 'Myers Briggs' designation.

The final presentation of the day from Guy Munnoch was excellent. Such an inspiration. As Philip Fanthom mentioned when he introduced him, it makes the rest of us feel very under-achieved. He is an excellent speaker and I am sure he has many more stories he could talk about in any possible future events.

The networking opportunities provided during the day were very well facilitated by the Jenrick team."

INTERESTED IN ATTENDING FUTURE FIFTEEN? Due to the success of this event, we are already having discussions to hold a similar event next year - the date for 'Future Fifteen' will be announced very soon! If you wish to pre-book a place for the event please email us at events@jenrick.co.uk,  and we'll ensure that you are added to the waiting list.


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