The UK financial services industry should have added 26,000 jobs in the year to June, according to a recent survey. The research, carried out for trade body the CBI, found that employment at the end of the second quarter should be 26,000 higher than a year before, indicating recovering strength in the sector. The survey also found that financial services firms could ramp up IT spending over the coming year, noting:

“Investment intentions for the next 12 months were positive across all investment categories, with IT predicted to grow most rapidly."

“Firms indicated that the main drivers of increased capital spending were replacement, capacity expansion and reaching new customers.” It also found that overall profitability in the sector continued to grow, if at a more moderate pace than previously. Matthew Fell, CBI director for competitive markets, said: “Financial services firms are growing steadily and are optimistic about their business situation. The fact that competition is growing highlights intensifying activity in the sector. Businesses plan to spend heavily on IT and are scrambling to find staff to meet growth demands.” More information: If you need advice on hiring the best contract or permanent tech talent for your organisation, please contact Jenrick IT Recruitment Consultancy on 01932 245 500. Article Source: Business Technology - distributed with The Telegraph Image Source: