Jenrick IT are reporting continued growth in demand for experts within the Big Data space as organisations attempt to find out more about their customers of now and in the future. However, this increase in big data poses potential problems unless IT systems can cope with the growth...

The inevitable increase in big data over the next 5 years will pose problems unless IT systems can cope with the growth, an IT expert warns.

Big data is “the ability to gather together data sources that companies may be sitting on", explains Paul Grosvenor, Chief Technology Officer at Galileo Analytics.

Grosvenor believes that companies should use IT systems that display the data in a "simple and intiuative" way, so that it is "readily understandable".

Speaking to the Information Daily at HC2014 he went on to explain that companies may wish to use the data to “leverage value” they may not have realised they had. Grosvenor explained that for organisations like the NHS, connecting different data sets may allow them to figure out more about a patient such as how factors in their lifestyle may affect their health. He warned that unless data suppliers agree to share data and “break down the barriers and restrictions” that are currently in place then research cannot be effectively carried out in trying to tackle modern day challenges associated with big data. However, he did acknowledge that presently security is a “huge issue” as personal medical records are “sensitive and personal” to the patient. He went on to explain that security will probably become an even bigger issue in the future, compounded by the increase in the amount of big data itself as it grows “exponentially” - pointing out that IT systems need to evolve to cope with these challenges. Article Source: Courtesy of Image Source: Courtesy of


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