In this article we are going to briefly explore the first waste of lean – below we will treat Transport waste as category, and we will discuss some ways to identify and deal with it. Remember the first principle of lean is to:

“eliminate any activity in your process that does not add value to your end user”

Transportation, is all about moving things from place to place - it forms the backbone of western economies, it is also generates a huge amount of multidisciplinary waste. Transport waste is a complex category (or container), and inside it lurks a hideous Gorgon of waste, paralyzing progress. It contributes to a multiplicity of needless (and compounding) costs, frustration, lost opportunities, delays and risk. Transport waste repeats and replicates itself each and every time goods or materials are moved or activities are handed off or over.



  • In our next article in this series we will probe deeper, into Waste No. 2:  In Process Inventory (Partially done work) and we will explore some ways to identify and deal with it.
  • For a great lesson in empathy watch this very entertaining TED presentation by Ernesto Sirolli on Enterprise Facilitation.


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