Following Jenrick IT's ‘Forces to Business’ training programme, which successfully deployed services personnel in IT and Business roles, we are pleased to promote a fantastic initiative aimed at combating PTSD amongst service men and women. 100 years since a team of World War 1 veterans conquered Mount Everest, Tim Bradshaw will be leading a team of service personnel to shout for help to deal with PTSD and Mental Illness...from the top of the world. Expedition leader Si Naylor and climber Tim Bradshaw are still trying to secure funds and if they can raise another £12K it supports getting another serviceman on Everest. Here is a letter written by Tim Bradshaw with an overview of the up-coming expedition which will take place in May:

100 years ago in 1914, Mallory, Irvine and their team were experiencing the trenches and horror of World War 1.  Having survived this and to prove to themselves and the nation that there was still hope in the human spirit, they went to Mount Everest in 1922. They were undoubtedly suffering from the effects of shell shock. 100 years later our team has survived Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. We are now going to Mount Everest to tell our friends that it is OK to ask for help and raise awareness for combat stress.
For over 100 years soldiers and officers of the British Armed forces have been the "go to" guys when times are difficult and adversity needs to be overcome. Whether that be in war zones across the world or pushing the boundaries of human endeavor on Everest or at the poles north and south. Only now are we starting to understand that some of these brave men and women pay an unseen price for that service. Mental illness and PTSD is a life changing injury and often not discussed. We now want to take the opportunity to tell our friends that it is OK to ask for help. We are going to stand on the highest point on earth and with the help of sky news shout that it is OK to ask for help - we are going to ask them to come out of the silence. We have secured TV coverage from Sky News who will be filming the entire expedition culminating in a live broadcast from the summit of Everest telling our soldiers that it is OK to "come out of the silence". We are looking for commercial partners who are interested in helping the team to reach the highest point on earth and send our soldiers the message ' it's ok to come out of the silence and ask for help'. I am of course more than happy to present the expedition and its requirements to your board of Directors.

SPONSORSHIP AND FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES A sponsor event will be held on 17/18 February in Aviemore Scotland and sponsors are invited to join the team and Sky crew for light training and an introduction to the team. Rob Coulthard, MD at Judgement Index UK, is a very keen supporter of the military and will be profiling the team and supporting them with some specific team cohesion activities pre-departure and will be happy to share their 'mountain to boardroom' concepts with any potential sponsors.

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