Philip Fanthom, Managing Director and Matt Hancock UK Accounts and Training Manager at Jenrick IT attended the Eurogamer EXPO at Earls Court in London, the sold out event that showcased some of the world's leading game designers and was a platform for the next generation of gaming consoles and technology. From console to tablet, social to PC, mobile to MMO, gaming is now a £45 billion global industry. Games have an increasingly prominent place in mainstream culture, spawning memes and film tie-ins, as well as attracting talent from across the creative industries and beyond. The UK games industry is enjoying a return to growth, and around 30,000 people are now employed in games-related jobs nationally. With new studios setting up all the time, and an unparalleled level of investment, the sector’s never looked like such an attractive prospect for jobseekers. As Matt Hancock at Jenrick IT comments:

The developer conferences were extremely well attended with many of the top speakers highlighting the challenges of working with the next generation consoles and the knock on effect this is having on demand for recruitment of top level developers and designers. Current hot skills within the games industry are mainly C++ with a range of roles using Java and C# also in demand. In terms of design Maya and ZBrush are still very popular and in demand.

Games development remains a highly competitive sector, whether you’re looking at a big multi-national studio or an independent start-up. But, beyond the actual developers, there are a range of games-related jobs, such as distribution, PR and games media. Matt further commented:

The level of detail required for the next gen consoles and HD display has meant that teams have had to add additional heads to their teams or risk seeing production times slip. Many teams have seen growth of between 75% to 100% throughout 2012 / 2013 with one ‘Head of Development’ citing the growth of his team from 150 to 250 over the last 12 months. There have also been a number of new ‘development shops’ opening up throughout the UK in the South West, South East and the Midlands. This is all good news for anyone looking to get into the games industry or currently looking for a career move.

Simply put, the Gaming Industry is booming, with growth levels constantly on the rise. For Technology professionals with Java and C++, as well as those with Graphic Design backgrounds, there are an abundance of contract and permanent career opportunities available. Article sources: and FURTHER INFORMATION If you are looking for a career in the gaming industry and have skills in C++, Java or C# or experience in Maya / ZBrush please feel free to contact Matt Hancock on 01932 245500 / to discuss career opportunities. In addition, here's an article to help you stand out from the competition and gain a job in the gaming industry.