Happy Jenrick Day from all of us at IT! We hope this brightens up your day! What’s a ‘Jenrick Day’? Jenrick Days are an opportunity for the Jenrick Team to connect with our customer base, to (hopefully) bring a smile to your face! If you have our most recent Jenrick Calendar sitting on your desk then you’ll notice we’ve highlighted a couple of dates, Wednesday 17th April and Wednesday 18th September 2013 – these are ‘Jenrick Days’! So this is why we’re sending this your way now and you can look forward to another surprise in September… This whole idea may seem a bit random but it actually stemmed from Jenrick’s key principles; Be Present, Make Their Day, Play and Choose Your Attitude. These cornerstones of Jenrick are taken from the widely acclaimed FISH! Management Philosophy – it’s a great book and well worth a read! Plus, here are some of our internal core values which underpin the unique approach of our team (the 5 P’s!):

  • Pride – take a personal pride in your role and the solutions delivered
  • Passion – be passionately committed to everything you do
  • Potential – maximise your potential and the potential of others
  • Positivity – make a positive impact at all times

and most of all . . .

  • People – commitment to people is the foundation of our business

Feel free to have look at our meet the team pages and our wellbeing section on the Jenrick IT website where you can gain an even better understanding of the core values and initiatives that Jenrick stand for. Thanks again for watching and have a great day!