Jenrick IT has conducted research throughout 2011 on employees who have approached our company requesting assistance with finding a new permanent or contract IT job opportunity. Our consultant team took the opportunity to ask these individuals what the key reasons were as to why they wish to leave their current employer. Here were the top 5 reasons that they stated they wished to leave their current organisation / seek a new organisation: [caption id="attachment_4592" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="main reasons why people leave organisations"][/caption]
  • Company Bureaucracy - Having little or no say in how the department or company structure/rules are set. Lack of empowerment.
  • Stagnated - Top IT talent needs to be stimulated. When projects are mundane or move into the area of BAU, this fails to ignite passions and leads to a desire to exit. Direclty linked to lack of growth.
  • Poor Structured Reviews - Managers can often be busy and find conducting reviews a 'necessary evil'. Employee feedback to Jenrick is that they desire to be given quality time and be made to feel that their work / role is valued within the organisation.
  • No Shared Vision - Employees like to 'buy' into the culture. Jenrick's research indicates that employees who are unaware of / do not share the company's vision are more likely to leave.
  • Multiple Reports - The research indicates that employees who report to more than one line manager become disenchanted and de-motivated, due to lack of clear direction and the potential for conflicting priorities. A clear line of communication linked to clear priorities is essential.
Applying this knowledge within your own organisation: If you are seeking to retain your top talent and possibly expand your team in 2012 our advice is to ensure you consider all of the above points and assess if you believe they impact your organisation. An important point to note is that although the media would imply otherwise, you are not the only company that is expanding and this is resulting in extremely high levels of competition Candidates. In summary, organisations need to be doing everything within their control to ensure that their working environments are as appealing and challenging (used in the positive context) as possible to retain their existing IT Talent and attract new talent to join them. More information: If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Jenrick IT on (01932) 245 500.