Janos Meszaros, Recruitment Consultant at Jenrick IT recently provided the following report on his job market predcitions for 2012 within the security and defence sector: 2012 is going to be a busy year for consultancy companies within the defence and security sector. Their priority will be to continue the battle against Cyber Crime. As an answer to recent (various organization hacked by the Anonymous Group) and not so recent (Stuxnet attack against an Iranian nuclear reactor) Cyber attacks, the British Government announced last year that they will allocate £650 million of funding to set up a National Cyber Security Programme. Government Agencies will also take a central role to organise the ongoing battle and work closely with commercial organisations. This busy market has opened up many opportunity's for jobseekers with strong technical knowledge. The most sought after candidates have strong development experience with C++ in an embedded and/or real-time context in either Linux or Windows environment; also having strong experience in developing multi-threaded applications. There is a lot opportunity within this sector. However, key security and defence companies (who are responsible for the Nations defence against Cyber Attacks) are facing their biggest challenge todate -  the lack of available skilled professionals. Historically C++ Developers were primarily employed by the banking sector creating various trading platforms, commanding top rates and salaries. So the question is why would these people leave a position where they can earn a lot of money? The answer is that certainty around jobs and the trust in the Financial Sector has been in decline. In addition, the excitement surrounding companies within the Defence and National Security sector is on the rise. There is also a very good opportunities for people working within the Gaming and Computer Hardware Manufacturing industry to work on important, high profile projects with cutting edge technologies. The Security Sector could be the new Gold Rush for those people who are willing to take the risk to explore new boundaries and strengthen our defences against the unknown threats of Cyber Crime. These companies need innovative people with real passion for technology, willing to learn new skills and enjoy working in a faced paced R&D environment.


If you are interested in learning more about opportunities within Cyber Defence, please contact us and ask for Miriam Lee or Janos Meszaros on 01932 245 500.