2012 will see an interconnected web with HTML5, leading a range of diverse and exciting contract and permanent HTML5 job opportunities: In 2012, HTML5 will be adding support for some really useful and cool APIs that allow one website to connect to another. For example, Zynga games on Facebook run inside of iframes. Using the new postMessage API these games will be able to communicate within the containing Facebook frame directly. Before HTML5, inter-window communication had to rely on a remote server - or use unreliable hacks. Another exciting addition is CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing). This will make it much easier for different websites to share information with one another. For example, CORS will enable startups to create photo-editing services that download your photos from Facebook, let you modify them, and then re-upload them - again without having to resort to ugly hacks. With all of the new semantic information available with HTML5, it will become much easier to create web tools that extract information from web pages. As a result, you can expect to see a plethora of new mashup services, as well as better browser modes (like readers and translators). Exciting web browsing times ahead - watch this space!!! If you are a web developer and you are keen to seek a new and exciting challenge, contact Jenrick IT on 01932 245 500 to find out more about the job opportunities currently available for HTML5.