The demand for web developers has exploded in Q4 as the war for talent really 'hots up' in the online and mobile apps space. HTML5 is tipped to be the big area for 2012, with tech 'big wigs' like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Zynga all looking to expand. This is one reason why Jenrick IT is devoting more resources towards HTML5 job opportunities.

HTML5 will allow websites to connect to one another using postMessage API allowing one frame to communicate within another frame (example: Zynga within Facebook) directly and not having to trely on remote server connection. Something else to look for in 2012 will be CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing). This will make it easier for websites to share information within one another.

In one example, Startups will now be able to create photo editing services that download your photos/images direct from your social media pages, let you modify them and re-post them. HTML5 will make it  much easier to extract information from web pages which will enhance services like readers and translators and geolocation, with browsers adopting a more iOS type UI. Microsoft is planning a major 'charm offensive' in 2012, having invested heavily on Internet Explorer 10. It is claiming that the new accelerated 'Canvas' will faster than any other browsers.

The browsers utilises HTML5 to interact with your desktop which will add new and interesting elements to their OS. Finally, websites keen to capture revenue from their traffic are building their adverts in HTML5 rather than Flash. It is expected that there will be a raft of new start-ups in this space, keen to serve the needs of corporate website owners. These start-ups will focus on sand-boxing, security and authoring tools. Many market commentators are predicting that this could spell big trouble for Flash.

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