Wednesday 23rd November 2011 marks the third National Freelancers Day, organised by PCG. Freelancers provide flexible solutions and are working hard with their clients to assist economic recovery.  In a drive to gain wider recognition for the contribution that freelancers, consultants and contractors make to the UK economy, PCG has declared 23rd November as National Freelancers Day. National Freelancers Day will:

  • Highlight this flexible, agile and expert community to UK businesses, educating on how to engage and work with freelancers to help beat the credit crunch
  • Celebrate Freelancing as a valid career choice, highlighting the community and support network
  • Underpin that to unlock the full potential of freelancing, Government must recognise that freelancers are in business and entitled to clear and fair taxation laws

Jenrick IT appreciates the value of freelancing and would like to show their support by sharing the following links to spread the word. Are you fit to freelance? Why not find out in the 'Fit to Freelance' quiz to test your freelancing knowledge! Simply click on the link below.

FURTHER INFORMATION For more information on National Freelancers Day (NFD) please click on the link below.