Yes, it is completely true! In one of their latest features titled "Tomorrow's technology on display at the British defence show," The Metro highlights the following . . .

"Among the frightening and bizarre weapons, such as gold- plated machine guns and rubber hand grenades, was a hidden gadget show previewing awesome new technology."

From memory, Jenrick was the only company at DSEi to carry these 'covert weapons,' as the statement from Jenrick's Security and Defence Specialist Recruiter, Miriam Lee, explains below:

"We took them there for a bit of fun, they were just stress products formed in the shape of grenades. However, they quickly became the ‘give-away' of DSEi! There we were, surrounded by all this mullet-million pound technology, and we had people coming up to us from all corners of show asking for our grenades."

Philip Fanthom added,

"We're not entirely sure that The Metro has been given the full story behind our grenades, but either way it's great to know that they became such a talking point at DSEi."

Jenrick IT was one of just a handful of niche recruitment companies who were invited to DSEi to provide specialist career advice to SC and DV Cleared Personnel regarding career advancement and employment opportunities within this sector.

"The show was a huge success for our company" Fanthom continues, "It firmly cemented our company, and especially our recruitment team, as the place to contact if you want to find a job in this sector or recruit specialist personnel for your organisation."

For more information: If you are an SC / DV Cleared IT Professional, or a company in the Government or Defence Sectors seeking to hire professionals with SC Clearance, please view the current job opportunities and career advice tools available from Jenrick IT, please click on the following link: SC and DV Cleared Career Advice and Jobs. Source: The Metro