Permanent - Market Highlights authored by Matt Hancock, Jenrick IT Throughout 2010 we have seen a demand in a wide variety of skills across the board as many of our clients have been looking to deliver on projects put on hold throughout 2009. Project delivery is still of extreme importance to many of our clients and the launch of various development projects and new application releases are considered critical to remain competitive and moving into 2011. There has been a large increase in demand for permanent candidates with skills in the following 5 areas: Java Permanent Java candidates have been in particularly short supply due to the strengthening of the contract market and permanent employees leaving their roles to take contract Java positions or remaining in their current permanent positions due to a lack of confidence in current market conditions. Although there are many generalist Java candidates on the market, organisations (particularly in the City) are looking for these skills to be backed up by business knowledge in specific financial product areas or alternatively another core technology skillset. Agile development in Java is also very much in demand with a recent high profile recruitment drive for Agile Java developers by HSBC earlier this summer. Red Hat There has been a continued push for Red Hat skills, namely Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE) as Red Hat continues to become the Operating System of choice throughout the City as a cheaper alternative to other Unix based systems. Continued decommissioning of legacy infrastructure and a move towards a more stable versatile technology stack has also seen the uptake of Red Hat Enterprise Solutions throughout many of our clients. In addition to the above, there has also been a large amount of reporting in the industry press on a key range of high profile clients bringing on board Red Hat Linux solutions. Juniper Demand for skills in Juniper has increased as organisations look to move away from Cisco solutions and there has been a considerable sales push and increase in demand for Juniper since 2009. Candidates with certifications in JNCIS and JNCIE can look to command above average salaries compared to their Cisco counterparts and this is a niche area we see growing continually through the remainder of 2010 and throughout 2011. Another reason for infrastructure and application refreshes throughout the City is the continued push for ultra low latency technology solutions as organisations continue to push to access and respond to market conditions faster than their competitors. FIX The FIX protocol is another skill that has been in great demand throughout the duration of 2010. We see this continuing throughout 2011 as more and more organisations continue to bring on board FIX technology and services that require the use of FIX. Strong skills in support and testing of the FIX protocol are in great shortage at the moment and candidates with these skills can demand above market salaries. Skills shortages have become apparent within the permanent market as the contract market for FIX candidates has strengthened considerably since May 2010. Security Permanent recruitment for skills in the Information Security, Penetration Testing and IT Audit areas has increased since June / July  2010 as companies are keen to lock down their systems after a number of high profile security leaks in the press throughout the summer of 2010. In addition, there have been a number of high profile failures within a certain key financial service providers throughout Q3. Further to this, there have been pushes to make systems even more resilient to further mitigate the risk of IT downtime as much as possible. For more information regarding Permanent Recruitment Market trends please visit IT Jobs Watch.