Jenrick CPI has just released its first, in a series, of I.T. Whitepapers targeting issues afffecting anyone involved within the IT sector. The first is titled 'Winning the I.T. Talent War' and addresses issues surrounding the recruitment and retention of I.T. Staff. The recruitment of IT talent has been a challenge for organisations for a number of years. The growing challenge for Human Resources and IT Managers alike has also been the retention of the talented IT staff. Our I.T. Whitepaper ‘Winning the IT Talent War’ covers both of these issues and has been co-authored by our IT Expert advisor, Ade McCormack (FT Journalist, IT Market Commentator and Government Advisor). Ade’s firm belief is that for too long IT Personnel have been treated as commodities, but in many ways they have been their own worst enemy for not engaging with the business community. This I.T. Whitepaper considers topics such as; the UK IT Talent shortage, understanding IT Professionals, cultural compatibility and diversity, IT employment strategy, IT people value and the need for IT integration within the business. As with all Whitepapers, this is a discussion document and we welcome any queries or comments from Human Resources, IT Managers, and IT Professionals. Jenrick CPI will be hosting a series of seminars based on white papers this year. Should you wish to attend, please contact us via