The IT world and in particular, IT Jargon and IT Terminology, seems to constantly change and if, like me you are on the periphery of IT departments and reliant on your IT contacts to keep you informed, it can be hard work to keep up. I have, on occasion found myself in the company of IT people, who I have known for a long time, who seem to be speaking a different language to me. This is one of the reasons why we have engaged the services of the renowned IT commentator, Ade McCormack to keep us up to speed and to help us keep our clients informed as to innovation and movement within the IT Sector. “Even those of us who spend our lives writing about IT can get confused by the jargon to which the industry seems addicted. Ade McCormack uses humour and sharp observation to steer the reader through the alphabet soup of acronyms and buzzwords, enabling them to gain a real understanding of what IT means in terms of 21st century enterprise”Andrew Baxter (Former Editor of the FT) Together with being the main sponsor of the latest version of ‘IT Demystified’ (just released), Jenrick CPI has also given a long term commitment to our clients that they can now have access to our comprehensive A-Z of IT Terminology. This glossary is FREE to use and is available through our website: Furthermore, we are more than happy to take your calls to answer any queries you may have - no matter if you are an active or a potential client. Throughout the year we will also be launching a number of business seminars, specifically aimed at breaking down the barriers of communication between the technical and non-technical communities. Interested to learn more? Why not visit and apply for a place at our forthcoming guest speaker event where Ade McCormack will giving us his overview of “What makes techies tick” - a witty insight into the potential communication issues between the IT community and the Business community within the same organisation. To complete the launch phase of this initiative, we will be releasing our Whitepaper “Winning the IT Talent War”. This is a market commentary with hints and tips about how to, not only attract, but also retain the best IT talent available in the market. Ade McCormack’s IT Demystified offers a wonderful tool for HR professionals working in this field. We can now speak the same language as our internal customers” – Satty Kenth (HR Manager – Electrolux IT)