Is money the key reason to move jobs? Here's what our research suggests.

Our role within Jenrick means that every day we are speaking to hundreds of people who are seeking to develop their career. This provides us with a unique insight into what drives someone to look for a new role, or as we refer to it as their 'motivation to move.' When we are asked about...

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Culture Change (in Business) - by Cliff Moyce (Independent Management Consultant)

Culture change is arguably the most powerful tool for transforming businesses, but it is also one of the least well understood. Without it, many well documented company turnarounds would not have happened (eg the transformation of Marks & Spencer under Stuart Rose). Of all the varieties...

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'Resistance (to change) is useful' - by Cliff Moyce (Independent Management Consultant)

Many words have been written on the subject of 'overcoming' and ‘dealing with' resistance to change.  Much of the literature takes the view that change is good and resistance to change is bad (Huy and Mintzberg, 2003), with those who resist change being described in a way that suggests they are...

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Are you Emotionally Intelligent? Here's how to check.

Studies unveiled at the EQSummit on Friday 20th March suggested that organisations and teams that have higher EQ (emotional intelligence) outperform competitors by up to 60%. EQ is fast becoming one of the key talking points in the board room of companies across the globe. Have you ever...

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A New Model: Gamevy and Employee Ownership

Zero salary might sound like some sort of joke dreamed up by a ruthless big business mogul. However, there is a new type of company ownership salary emerging in the tech space that could create a more committed and enjoyable workforce. Helen Walton (one of the founders of Gamevy) explains how...

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3 Easy Ways for People to Take On Your Advice by Kay White

Kay White is an expert in communication and is a regular contributor to the Jenrick Blog and Digest Newsletter. Here is another superb article from Kay to help you enhance the effectiveness of your communication... “Now, what you should do is…”   “Well, it’s obvious, you should do this, then...

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