Jenrick IT have noticed a significant rise in businesses seeking cloud application support and to complement this we are pleased to introduce Neil Fenton of 10Duke who has kindly contributed an article on what to consider when migrating to 'The Cloud'. 

"Head in the Clouds? Here's a reality check" by Neil Fenton

So, you’re thinking about cloud.   Fantastic, it’s the solution to all technical problems known to mankind, it is so enticingly attractive and all-encompassing that surely, in the not too distant future, Starbucks will be dispensing your favorite, Vanilla double-shot skinny latte from a cloud-based espresso machine, right? Running an online service supporting 7 million online video editors, 50,000 of whom will be using the service concurrently and from every corner of the earth will take about 1 man-week to shift to the cloud won’t it? The cloud makes it simple, doesn’t it? Perhaps not.  Cloud services are indeed a remarkable set of abstracted computing resources that give you on-demand access to services such as database, processing, bandwidth and storage. But whether to use them, when to use them, and how to use them (as public, private or hybrid cloud deployments) entirely depends on the use case. If you’re thinking about using the cloud here are some ‘starters for 10’ to be mindful of:

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Article kindly contributed by Neil Fenton, Chairman at 10Duke.

Neil Fenton is Chairman of 10Duke, an award-winning provider of cloud-based APIs that are used to enhance and extend the capabilities of online applications. 10Duke APIs can be integrated quickly and easily using a RESTful endpoint.

They are scalable, modular and can help you to deliver more application in less time and with fewer headaches. Cloud-based applications created with 10Duke’s APIs have numerous awards across the education, media and engineering sectors working with clients such as Nike, Adidas, the BBC, Arsenal FC, Trimble, YouTube, and Maserati.

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