I (Sarah Butler) was so lucky to win the last Jenrick experience and I chose to learn how to swim! Now I can hear some of you saying "yeah what’s so good about that" but let me tell you, it really has changed my life! I had never learnt to swim and it was something I got by without... until my kids began to grow up.

When they started to learn to swim I began to realise how vulnerable I felt - I mean, if anything happened to them in the water I wasn't in a position to help them. Also, I saw how much fun they were having and I wanted to be a part of that. So that was what prompted me to enter this as my Jenrick Experience!

I now have the confidence and the ability to get into a swimming pool without thinking I’m going to drown! I was also able to for the first time get into a swimming pool on our family holiday this year with my 2 children and even had races up and down the pool with my 10 year old - who is in this photo (and yes - she did easily beat me!).

My best friend also took me to Champneys for a weekend and it was so lovely to get into the pool there as it was so beautiful. This was a massive achievement for me and it just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks :-) I now have a membership with my local pool and go swimming about 3 times a week. Thank you again to everyone at Jenrick for giving me an experience that has changed my life forever!!!

More Information: Sarah Butler works in Jenrick IT, the IT and Technology recruitment division of The Jenrick Group.