At a time when many organisations are planning for the year ahead, Jenrick IT have been advising clients to utilise effective strategies in order to attract top talent to join their existing team. To complement this, the following article explains the 5 key steps in strategic talent planning to ensure your organisation has a chance of hiring the best candidates.


Recruiting rarely is based on any sort of strategic plan. For most organizations, recruiting is a tactical operation ó a series of things that take place that result in qualified people getting hired. It is mostly reactive, and few recruiters have the time or charter to look forward more than a few weeks. To ensure that your organization has a chance at hiring the best people ó and to successfully operate in a global, competitive environment, organizations ó you will need a strategic plan coupled to appropriate resources and tactics. Here’s a quick overview of the five essential first steps needed to put this plan together and to begin making it operational:

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