There is often the assumption that intellectual intelligence is the key factor that will enable a leader to drive a team forward in business. However, Goleman, one of the country's best-known writers and researchers on the subject of leadership, suggests that in fact a higher proportion of the competencies that distinguish the stars among leaders boil down to emotional intelligence. The following article 'The Leadership Secret to Supercharging your Team', considers the main aspects of emotional intelligence that determine the success of an individual, from self-awareness to empathy and social skills.


"So you were first in your MBA class and have the smarts of Jeff Bezos and Marissa Mayer combined. If you want the brightest possible future in business, you may still have a few things to learn.

“During our school years, there’s this fallacious sense that only how well you do academically is going to matter in your life,” says Daniel Goleman, one of the country’s best-known writers and researchers on the subject of leadership. “Once you get into a business, particularly if you’re an entrepreneur, you know that’s nonsense. Lots of people with straight A’s wind up working for people who were B students. I once spoke to a roomful of CEOs; I  asked, ‘How many of you were magna cum laude, had the highest grades in your class when you graduated?’ Out of 200 or 300 people, it was about 1 percent. I said, ‘There goes the assumption that how well you do in school determines how well you do in  business.’ ”

Then what does determine how well you do? Goleman has spent three decades finding out."

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