Individuals who excel within their careers must be doing certain activities on a regular basis – but what are they? Here is an extract from an interview with Miriam Lee, Jenrick IT’s Head of Business Development, in which Miriam highlights 6 key activities and attributes that help professionals effectively advance their careers:

Tip 1 – what does Google say about you?

One of the first things that HR & Recruiting Managers do, as soon as a CV turns up on their desk, is to ‘Google’ that person. This means that any information that the person has on other sites, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, will come up (if the settings are ‘public’). Statistics already confirm that these search results have a major impact (positive and negative) as to whether people progress from an application stage to an interview stage. My advice here is to be respectful of the Internet treat and to it as you would any working environment.

Tip 2 – creating an online brand

Directly following on from Tip 1 is to generate your own online branding, to ensure that when you are ‘Googled’ you influence the search results. Your online brand offers much more of an insight into you as a complete individual, than just your CV and it provides the viewer a much more current / up to date snapshot of who you are. LinkedIn is a tool that we would really highly recommend to all candidates to maximise the use of their online branding.

Tip 3 – recommendations

Recommendations are an essential tool in helping you to stand out from your peers or gain a new job, primarily because they are from a third party who is willing to speak (publicly) on your behalf. Try and obtain recommendations on an ongoing basis; when you complete a big project, have been working in a specific team, changed department, gained a promotion or even have moved jobs.

Tip 4 - mindset

Adopting an open and positive mindset, where you are continually seeking ways of improving yourself to further your career, is what I refer to as ‘making yourself available for opportunities.’ Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with so many high calibre candidates and I can honestly say that the ones who have progressed most successfully within their careers have displayed this wonderful open and positive mindset. I appreciate that this is an ‘intangible’ tip, and will mean something different to everyone. However, please take a moment to consider your mindset to ensure it reflects an outward personality that is open, energetic, learning, improving, striving etc..

Tip 5 - commitment to continuous learning

Individuals who make a commitment to continuous personal and professional development make the biggest strides in their career, because they are constantly broadening their minds, exploring new ideas and being at the forefront of the latest developments within their career. All of these enable them to be innovative within their role and to be taken as a pioneer or a leader or someone who is well ahead of their game.

Tip 6 - networking

I have left networking as my very final point as I genuinely believe it is the most important way in which you can maximise your career. Most people think that networking is about turning up to an industry focused event, however it takes on many more forms than that. It is participating within group discussions on LinkedIn, it’s about taking the time to speak with colleagues within your organisation and it can be as simple as making polite conversation with someone you regularly commute with. It’s just about getting yourself out of the bubble of the everyday routine of your job and seeing where new connections and conversations take you.

Summary / Close:

In my experience as a recruitment professional, who has assisted numerous individuals develop their career throughout the last 20 years, these are the attributes that I have always advised people to adopt. By using these tips, you’ll become the type of person that everyone really wants to employ or promote within their business.

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And the interesting thing is you never quite know where this will take you. It all comes back to making yourself available for opportunities by engaging in conversation. You just never know where this might lead. What I will say is that people who really make the time to network raise their profile and become known as someone with energy, enthusiasm and the get up and go are the people who will succeed.