Congratulations to Ben Senior of Jenrick IT who is the latest winner of The Jenrick Experience, a popular wellbeing initiative at Jenrick. Here is Ben's experience....

WHAT IS MY JENRICK EXPERIENCE? I want to do a week’s intensive driving course to pass my test and get my drivers licence so I can live the dream and do a full day of Rally car driving! WHY DO YOU WANT TO SUBMIT IT?
I have always wanted to pass my driving test but unfortunately have never really had the money to do so. I did start learning but due to the high cost of taking lessons, I had to stop. I would like to win the Jenrick experience so that I can attend a week’s intensive driving course which would allow me to pass my test. After which, using the remainder of the money, do a full day of a Rally car driving through forest terrain, which has always been a passion of mine (Driving recklessly). HOW WILL YOU MAKE THIS A ‘TRUE EXPERIENCE’ THAT YOU WILL LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION? This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity as I have always aspired to passing my driving test and getting myself the car I have always wanted (Audi TT) but never really been financially stable enough to do so. I have always dreamt of being a Rally car driver, thrashing a Subaru Impreza or a Mitsubishi Evolution 8 through dense forests, screeching through winding roads at breakneck speeds. These would be memories that would last forever and would realistically not happen without the Jenrick experience.

We hope you have a brilliant time Ben and please take lots of photos to share with us! FURTHER RESOURCES: