The Jenrick Recruitment Group was honoured to sponsor the 2013 Nordkapp Challenge in aid of The Marfan Trust. On May 5th 2013 Five Morgan Cars left the UK en-route to Nordkapp (Norway), one of the most northern landmarks in Europe, well inside the Arctic Circle. The objective of the 14-day, 5,000-mile journey, through 9 countries, was to raise awareness for a little known medical condition called ‘Marfan Syndrome.’ The condition currently affects up to 18,000 in the UK, yet only 50% of that number are currently registered with The Marfan Trust and are receiving appropriate medical attention. The UK figures are similarly reflected all over Europe.
Statistics show that if an early diagnosis is not made, up to 1/3 of those with the syndrome will suffer from a fatal heart condition, before reaching their mid-twenties.
Thus, a key objective of the trip was to generate as much media awareness as possible, doing so through harnessing the strength and commitment of the extensive European Morgan owners and dealership community. Did the Challenge meet its objectives? This can be answered with a firm YES. The Challenge has been featured on numerous television and radio news broadcasts, most notably the BBC. After each broadcast, there was a notable spike in online traffic to show the impact the message was making. Furthermore, an extremely active online community has been developed that has generated a substantial amount of awareness, especially through a very passionate Facebook Group and Talk Morgan (leading UK discussion forum) following. Both of these groups have driven a substantial amount of traffic to the individual pages of the ‘Driven at Heart’ website, generating several hundred unique visits every day to the site. In addition, the Challenge has also raised over £50,000, which will be donated directly to the incredible research work of The Marfan Trust to assist them in their plight to find a cure for the condition.
However, the most touching moments have been the numerous emails and messages that have been received from the people (and also from their families) who have Marfan syndrome, thanking the Team for all their efforts to raise awareness for the syndrome.
Can I still get involved? Another clear YES! Primarily, please come and learn about the symptoms of Marfan syndrome, and also listen to the incredible story of Lucy Morris, who inspired the team to take on the Challenge. Furthermore, come and view the Driven at Heart website or the website of The Marfan Trust – both of which will provide you with much more information on Marfan syndrome. Also, come and LIKE the Driven at Heart Facebook page to ensure you keep up with the additional events that are planned and the launch of the commemorative DVD of the trip. Thank you for your interest and support!