We recently sent out a poll containing a selection of themes for our next charity photo competition, allowing everyone to vote for their favourite. Unlike last year when the results were really close, this year's poll revealed a clear winner that steamed ahead of the rest with a huge 40% of votes. And the winning theme is (drum roll please)...

'Happiness is...'

So it's time to dust off your camera and start snapping away! Send your photos to photo@jenrick.co.uk How does the Jenrick Charity Photo Competition work? Every year, Jenrick runs a charity photo competition that allows members of the public to enter photos based on a theme, as voted by the public themselves! The 12 winning photos, as voted by award winning photographers Media Wisdom Photography, are featured in the Jenrick corporate calendar, one photo per month (hence the number 12!) which ends up on the desks of many companies across the country! Not only that, Jenrick donates £1,200 to charity and with each of the winners receiving £100 from that pool of money to donate to a charity of their choice. What kind of ‘colour’ photos can you send in? So, now the theme has been announced, here are some ideas as to the kind of 'happy' photos you can send in:
  • An image that captured a celebration or winning a race
  • Something funny that made you laugh out loud
  • A picture of anything that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling - e.g. having a cup of tea, going for a run, a cosy room on a cold winters day, flying a kite!
  • It may even be an image of something that you love the smell of e.g. grass after it's just been mown
The list is endless. It can simply be anything that makes you feel really happy! Of course, these are just ideas but we’re looking for imaginative photos that will bring a smile to anyone's face. If you're unsure if a photo is what we're looking for, just send it into us at photo@jenrick.co.uk and we'll 'happily' let you know if you're on the right lines! For those of you who are interested to see the other themes that were in the running, please see the overall results below:                           How to send in your photos! Now you can start sending in your 'happy' photos! Simply send them to photo@jenrick.co.uk (2 photos maximum per person please). CLOSING DEADLINE FOR PHOTO ENTRIES: SUNDAY 1ST SEPTEMBER 2013. NB: – Picture Quality/manipulation: As the Calendar will be printed, we do require pictures of at least 500kb in size to ensure they are large enough to include. So, if you take any pictures with smart phones or mobile phones, please ensure that the resolution is set at the highest possible level.  Please can we also ask for photos not to be digitally manipulated.
Happy snapping everybody! We're looking forward to seeing some great photos!