Having worked in IT Recruitment for more years than I can remember, I am probably better placed than most to witness  how people’s careers flourish. Some will stay in a low to medium level role for the same company or various companies for many years whilst others will have a meteoric rise to the top and will be viewed by others as extremely successful. What is it, one wonders, which motivates and drives some forward on a quest to be the very best they can be in their chosen field whilst others hit a brick wall and feel they are hampered every way they turn in achieving their goals. This is something Jenrick IT felt needed assessing – to actually quantify what characteristics are shared by high achievers and how others can harness and be inspired by this knowledge and use it as stepping stones to enhance their own careers and (indeed) their lives in general in order to reach their aspirations. With this in mind, Jenrick IT sponsored research into ascertaining the five key personality traits shared by high achievers, not just in the world of business but in sportsmen and women and adventurers – indeed, anyone who had reached their key goal, sometimes in the face of real adversity and scepticism by others. What made them keep going, we wondered, when others would have given up long ago? We do not claim to have all the answers but what we have done is found those five key traits which helped these people fulfil their dreams and we are happy to share them in an Inspirational Event we are holding on Wednesday, 19 September 2012. Not only will we share these findings but we have invited speakers who have risen to the very top of their game to flesh out how those key traits helped them achieve their dreams, what pitfalls were placed in their way and how they used those traits to transcend any problems thrown at them and how they finally reach their end goal. We have found these stories truly inspiring and we believe you will too. Why not come along and learn from others (not just the successes but the failures along the way) how they reached where they are today and what we can take from their stories which will help us to raise our own game plan too. For more information about this Key Event, please contact: Matt Hancock at Jenrick IT – 01932 245 500 or email: matt.hancock@jenrick.co.uk. You can also learn more about our Event at: http://www.jenrickgroup.co.uk/maximise-potential-2012. This Event is by personal invitation only and there is a lot of interest already. If you would also like to be there, please do get in touch – you will not be disappointed.