Sophie Paterson,  Senior Recruitment Consultant at Jenrick Commercial successfully completed the very gruelling course, otherwise known as the Grim8 Night Terror Challenge on the evening of Saturday 4th February (in the snow!!), raising £550 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Here is Sophie's account of her experience of the Grim8 Night Terror Run:

So we arrived in Aldershot at about 5.00pm on Saturday, the snow heavens had all ready opened and it was coming down thick and fast (slightly horizontal too).  It was freezing, but we made it onto the start line with only a little bit of moaning! On the start line they informed us they had cut out the deep water parts because they were frozen solid and the health and safety risk was apparently too high! 
As they announced this at the start line it was met with a massive BOO from the crowd.  I have to say despite the snow and how cold I was, I was quite disappointed we weren't going through the deep water parts... As we set off I caught a glimpse of Mel and Simon who braved the snow and came to watch (massive thank you). 
I later found out after the race that Simon and Isabelle also came to spectate and brave the snow - so thank you to you all, the spectator's cheers really helped. Throughout the course there was blood curdling screams played constantly through speakers dotted throughout the woods (I have video footage of this so if anyone wants to hear I'll be more than happy to play it to you), we had to go through ankle high ice/water, up half frozen sand dunes, down and up really steep snow/ice covered hills, were made to jump by characters lurking in the woods, through hanging nets, over fallen trees, pitch black dark woods and across flat long open spaces where the wind and snow battered us all.
Despite all of the above all 5 of us (Kriss, Kriss' brother Phil, Kriss' sister in law Cath and one of my best friends Alice) stuck together, helping each other over the obstacles and finished all holding hands across the line in what I think was an impressive 1 hour 22 mins.
After the course we discovered that they had to cut the course short by a mile due to the last minute weather so it was in fact 7 miles.  But we were all over the moon and totally proud of ourselves for finishing a tough course in tough weather conditions. Thank you again for all your support it really is appreciated.

Well done Sophie and team!!! FURTHER INFORMATION: