Recent research, by major online job boards, such as Jobsite, Monster and Reed, showed that a sizable proportion of CVs contain a number of obvious mistakes. When you consider that a role will frequently have well over 70 applicants, and as such a recruitment consultant can only spend up to a minute assessing your details, it shows how essential it is to double check everything. Some of the most frequent CV mistakes we have encountered within Jenrick Commercial are highlighted below. We would urge you to spend a couple of minutes referencing them against your current CV:

Spelling and grammar Over 20% of CVs have obvious and multiple spelling mistakes. A spellcheck on a PC is a good start, but please check it yourself - or, even better, have someone with fresh eyes look through it. Concise and to the point You have a limited window of opportunity, so keep it to the point and ensure your core messages come across with strength - and do not make your CV too long. Lack of tailoring Each employer is looking for a CV and cover letter that applies to their role and as all roles are different, you should make small adaptations so that it matches their specific requirements. Show that you understand what it is they want you to do. Information Gaps Whether it's by choice or just forgetfulness, some people leave previous jobs off their CV meaning a gap in employment. Even if you were not working, state what you were doing. Keep the design simple Unless you're going for a design role, layout should always be second stage to the content of your CV. One standard font in a Word Document is perfect - please do not send PDFs. Incorrect personal details It is amazing how many people write the wrong telephone number on their CV, or misspell their email address - please test them. Also, if you are applying for jobs, ensure your voicemail is not too personalised or your email address is not inappropriate - it may put off potential employers.

If you are currently considering a career move and would like our consultants to review your CV, please call any of the Jenrick Offices and we will be more than happy to help.