A quick update regarding our annual charity photo competition, where the entries are vying for a spot on our Corporate Calendar - and more importantly, the final twelve photographers are given the opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice from a pool of £1,200. Turns out that we're receiving more and more entries via people finding us on Google, when they type in a search for Charity Photo Competitions. Excellent stuff, keep the entries coming and remember the closing date for your photos is OCTOBER 1ST 2011. For anyone who has not heard about the competition, here are some more details . . . . Firstly, the reason our company does this is because we are committed to giving back to the community in as many ways possible. The annual calendar was another way that we could give back in an interesting and meaningful way. Secondly, you do not have to donate to a registered charity. The competition is designed to recognise causes that normally DO NOT receive support. So, if you are involved in community Group and non-profit organisations, please put them forward! The other main reason we are so passionate about the photo competition, is because it is one of the few ways YOU can raise money for your chosen cause or charity, without having to ask friends, family and colleagues. For those of you who regularly raise money, you'll know exactly where we are coming from here. So, get your camera out and get stuck in and give the charity or group you are passionate about an opportunity to receive some well-deserved support! HOW TO ENTER?