Below you will find some top tips to help maximise your career which you can also listen to on an exclusive careers podcast we recently created. WHY?
  • On average we receive 70 applications per role, most of which have the appropriate qualifications to do the job.
  • However, Clients only want us to recommend the 3 very best for interview.
  • As a result, we look for key differentiators in the CV. Something that makes a candidate stand out.
  • The tips that I am discussing today are the types of things that will enable you to stand out from the crowd and gain the interviews you really want plus make yourself more visible within your existing company.
1. Develop a strong and positive online PERSONAL BRAND Set the scene . . .
  • One of the first things that HR / Recruiting Managers do as soon as a CV turns up on their desk is to Google the name of the person and see what the top search results show
  • This means that anything you have on sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Linked IN will show us
  • Statistics already confirm that these search results have a major impact on whether candidates are invited to interview
So, our advice . . .
  • Be respectful of the Internet. Treat is as you would your working environment. Be aware that most things that you put on the Internet will be visible on Google and as such only put information on Social Media sites that you would be happy to be seen on Google.
  • Lock down your Facebook profile as much as possible to ensure that your personal life remains private
Then, build your online brand . . .
  • Linked IN is a tool that we recommend to all our candidates to maximise the use of.
  • Create a strong profile which is consistent with your CV
  • What we also really like about Linked IN, is that it has the ability to display a far more complete picture regarding who you are - it can share so much more information than just a CV
  • Build a portfolio of recommendations and join industry related Groups (I'll explain more about both of these in a few minutes)
  • Take some time each week to participate in discussions related to your sector. It is a great way to raise your profile and network with leading names in your industry
  • Subscribe to blogs in your industry and post comments on articles. Again to raise your profile and network.
Summary - make sure that when a hiring manager Google's your name, all the results are positive, professional references, which confirm you as an expert in your field. 2. Build a portfolio of RECOMMENDATIONS Set the scene . . .
  • Recommendations are one of the most important tools in helping you gain a new job or secure a promotion
  • They are an independent endorsement of who you are and the value you add within the workplace
  • Without doubt, a key differentiator within candidates is the strength of their recommendations
So, our advice . . .
  • There is a wonderful tool on Linked IN where you can ask for recommendations.
  • Please take advantage of it - don't ever be nervous about asking for a recommendations, from what we've seen, people are often flattered that you've asked them as it shows that you respect their opinions
  • Do this on an on-going basis. If you complete a big a project, or have just finished working with a specific team, use these opportunities to build your recommendation portfolio
Then, use them pro-actively within your CV . . .
  • This is something that will be quite new to most people
  • Close off each of the job roles or projects on your CV with a testimonial.
  • It is a great way to say 2this is what I did, this is the value it added and here is the official endorsement from my manager"
Summary -This is a great way to make your CV stand out from all the others 3. Make yourself available for OPPORTUNITIES Set the scene . . .
  • Now we are going to move away from physical things you can do to improve your job hunting and career prospects
  • This piece of advice is about adopting an open and positive mindset where you are continually seeking out ways to improve yourself and further your careers
  • We refer to it as "making yourself available for opportunities"
So, our advice . . .
  • I've had the pleasure of working with so many high calibre candidates over the years and I can honestly say that the ones who have progressed most successfully within their careers have displayed this 'open and positive mindset'
  • I have noticed this within their approach at our very first meeting
  • They have always been the type of people to get stuck into new projects or to look outside of their immediate job role or department
  • Their mindset is one of adding value to the business, looking for the bigger picture
Summary - It is these individuals who stand out to Management and never fail to gain promotion faster than their peers 4. Commitment to CONTINUOUS LEARNING Set the scene . . .
  • Most people make the mistake of thinking that their learning / studying days are over once they finish their education
  • However, it is the individuals who make a commitment to continuous personal and professional development that make the biggest strides in their career
  • Why? Because they are constantly broadening their minds, exploring new ideas, being at the forefront of latest developments within their industry
  • All of which enables them to be innovative within their role and be known as a pioneer, or a leader, someone who is ahead of the game
So, our advice . . .
  • Most people wrongly assume that continuous learning means professional qualifications. Although this can be the case, especially with technical contractors, some of the best learning opportunities are available for free
  • This goes back to our earlier points where we spoke of the benefits of subscribing to blogs and joining online groups within Linked IN.
  • Each of these enable you to engage in discussions and debates that challenge existing frameworks and work methods and network with industry leaders
  • In addition, You Tube and Podcasts are a wonderful method of digesting exclusive content
  • In actual fact, this is why we are the leading sponsor of an inspiring podcast called Maximise Potential, which gives you exclusive insights into the personality traits of high achievers
  • The best bit is that all of these are free!
Summary - so, keep your mindset fresh and innovative by constantly learning 5. NETWORK Set the scene . . .
  • I have left networking as my final point as I genuinely believe it is the most important way in which you can maximise your career
  • In many ways it ties together all of the other points we have spoken about in this podcast
  • Firstly, remember that everyone is nervous within a networking situation - it is normal to feel this way
  • However, they are often nervous because they are unsure what to say or how to start a conversation
  • This is where your on-going learning, participation in discussions and comments on blog posts come into play - they give you interesting topics for discussion
So, our advice . . .
  • Get yourself stuck into networking and remember that it does not always mean attending events where you do not know people
  • Networking is also participating within Group discussions on Linked IN
  • Networking is taking the time to speak with colleagues within your organisation
  • Networking is sharing details with peers on training events or it can even be just about making polite conversation with someone you regularly see on your commute
You never know where it will take you . . .
  • All of this comes back to making yourself available for opportunities
  • By engaging in conversations, you never know where they might lead
  • What I will say is that people who make the time to network, raise their profile and become known as someone with energy, enthusiasm and get up and go
. . . . the type of person everyone wants to employ or promote!!! FURTHER INFORMATION: