Congratulations to Lee Burton of Jenrick Engineering who on Thursday 28th April won The Jenrick Experience, one of the more popular corporate wellbeing intiatives at Jenrick, as his lucky number was picked out of a hat. Lee is a two-wheel petrolhead and has owned several motorbikes throughout the years. So he asked if he could go on a 3-day course / race experience where he will receive expert instructions and lessons before getting the opportunity to actually race on the circuits! Well done Lee, we hope you have a blast. Here's what Lee wrote as his entry:
"If I were to be selected for the Jenrick Experience I would use the money to hire a race bike for a 3 day session and re-learn all the lines and re-live my racing dreams. Having been brought up in a house obsessed with motorcycles it was no surprise that when I was growing up I became involved in the world of motorbikes and have developed a passion for them ever since. From the age of 6 I started watching the racing in the British, World Super Bikes and Grand Prix. I idolised some of the big names like Ron Haslam, Trevor Nations, Carl Fogarty and Neil Hodgson and would be on the edge of my seat as the riders would sit on the grid. After several years begging and pleading with my parents, they eventually relented and upgraded my bicycle for a Motorbike (cross lawnmower!) Suddenly at the age of 9 I had become (in my head) Carl Fogarty and absolutely loved my bike! This love for my motorbike was only tainted by a slight run-in with the police in a motorway underpass.  Apparently these underpasses are meant for police and ambulance vehicles and my "lawn mower" didn't count! This wasn't sufficient to keep me from trying to develop my racing career. After several years and many crashes later I upgraded to my DT50 a motorcross bike that I raced around the dirt tracks of my local Forest but still hankered for my first road racing experience.  This was amplified after falling off and going so deep in I was being dug out of brambles for circa 2 hours! Still not being able to afford a race bike for the track, I settled on a Road bike and for legal reasons I won't go into my activities on my bikes which progressed through: NSR125, ZXR400, FZR400, GSXR600, Yamaha R6 and several rides on a fireblade. For reasons of my impending doom from riding on the road, I eventually managed to save up the money to race!! My first season was for a 125GP team where I really just learned the tracks and got to grips with exactly how fast I had to ride to compete.  Soon I realised that 125's were not fast enough for me and I progressed to buy my own ZXR400 to compete in the Formula 400 class.  The first season (and only season) cost me over £8000 to compete, plus the cost of the bike, but I loved every second with all of my heart!! My best race was the last race of the season where I pulled (random grid selection) a 32nd position on the grid.  I made my way up through the field to finish in 5th position.  This race left me hungry for more but also with an empty wallet, a house to buy and work commitments.  So I had to sell my bike, the trailer, my tyre warmers and what felt like my racing soul!!! I still maintain that if I won the lottery I would do it again in a second and maybe open up my own race school. However, just to just re-live my racing dreams by hiring a bike for a 3-day session really would be an ultimate dream for me and hopefully with the help of the Jenrick Experience, it can become a reality."
Thank you to everyone for entering the Jenrick Experience this time around. 12 entries in total went into the hat for the lucky draw - more than we've ever had before. FURTHER READING AND RESOURCES: