Jenrick supports James Cracknell in his fund rasing for Headway, the Brain Injury Association. In the extract below, James Cracknell explains his reasons for choosing to run for this charity.
Hi there, Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my fund raising page for Headway in the London Marathon.  Having spent a significant percentage of the last eight months in hospital I won't be troubling the scorers but wanted to raise funds as a way of thanking those people who looked after me. I was lucky enough to meet Haile Gebrselassie before the marathon a couple of years ago.  He asked what time I was going for.  "Three hours." I replied.  "Ah" he said smiling "I can run all the way there and halfway back." If he hadn't said it so nicely he'd have lost my support. This year's marathon is very different.  I'm not only lucky to be doing it but lucky to be here at all after being hit by a fuel truck in the States last summer and suffering a brain injury. It bought me into contact with medics, carers and survivors who I would never have met.  People who helped and inspired me and my family through the dark times and frustration that is caused by a brain injury. I want to help return to the favour by raising money for Headway, the Brain Injury Association. To help train specialist nurses who provide support for families when they need it most, fund a national helpline and support survivors and their carers. I may not have had the best preparation but no matter how hard the marathon is it's nothing compared to the tough times that survivors of a brain injury and their families live with on a daily basis. Thanks for taking the time to visit this page, hopefully donating and making a difference to people's lives. James
Congratulations to James for completing the marathon in such a good time. Jenrick is extremely proud to be a part of your incredible efforts to raise money for such a worthy cause. MAKE A DONATION