It all started when a young budding athlete named Elliott Cole approached Jenrick and shared his long-life dreams and aspirations of becoming a top triathlete, with a goal to eventually compete in the 2016 Olympics. Elliott's natural passion coupled with his determination, vision and motivation to succeed inspired us (Jenrick) to help him achieve this a once in a lifetime opportunity by sponsoring him - and the Maximise Potential website was launched. We decided upon 'Maximise Potential,' as the theme was perfectly aligned with our own constant desire to maximise the career potential of our Candidates and the business potential of our Clients. As well as regularly featuring podcast diaries and interviews from Elliott, Maximise Potential now has an entire range of unique interviews from people who all display exceptional self-belief, mental toughness and desire to achieve: We've already amassed hundred's of episode downloads of their interviews from all over the world - and some are well on the way to one thousand! We also have some amazing interviews that are still to go live, including:
  • David Weir (Paralympic Wheelchair Athlete and 4 time London Marathon winner)
  • Charles Morgan (CEO of Morgan Motor Company - sole surviving UK motor company)
  • Bonita Norris (Mount Everest Climber - British record-holder)
  • Sam Brown (Taekwondo World Champion)
  • Kos Lesses (Hd of Recruitment - JP Morgan)
  • Philip Soutor (Inspirational & Innovative Head Teacher)
  • Tony Dobbin (Global Hd of Change - NYSE)
  • Neil McCarthy (European Director - Shopzilla)
The podcast itself has already been ranked the 2nd most popular Career Podcasts in the world and has just had 3 episodes featured in the latest Top 10 rankings. We've achieved this because the content is different to other podcasts as we orientate it around interviews from people who living proof of their success. This makes it original, interesting and unique. We've already received so much positive feedback from people explaining that the interviews have inspired them, giving them more self-confidence and helped them to become more motivated. All of this has been achieved in less than 6 months. Without the complete backing of Jenrick, none of this would be possible - everyone should be really proud of the achievements we have made. SO - go on, have a listen! You'll be amazed at the positive messages of inspiration and motivation contained within every episode - AND if you are not sure what a podcast is, then click on the following link to learn more (what is a podcast and how do I listen to one?). Then, once you've listened to them, start spreading the word! Tell your clients, candidates, friends and family about this amazing resource that your company has created. Use this opportunity to show them all how different and unique Jenrick is to every other recruitment agency in the UK and how Maximise Potential is just one way we show our commitment to maximising the potential of everyone that we come in contact with. Finally, become part of this exciting journey yourself by being one of the people who wish to share their story of inspiration, motivation and education.