We've done it! We have been officially ranked as THE #1 CAREERS PODCAST ON I-TUNES.

Check out the image below, which was taken from i-Tunes this morning:

WOW - An incredible achievement and we feel like we are still just at the very beginning of this exciting journey. Also, make sure you subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the following link (please subscribe me to the Maximise Potential Career Podcast) to ensure you don't miss some of the episodes coming up, including; Charles Morgan (CEO Morgan Cars), David Weir (#1 Wheelchair Athlete), Bonita Norris (Elite Everest Climber) and Sam Brown (World Taekwondo Champion). Thank you to everyone again for their immense support and we will ensure we continue to keep this excellent resource coming. And the good news doesn't stop there, we've also been ranked #16 in the top Business podcasts on i-tunes as you can see from the image below. Thanks to all of you once again for downloading the Maximise Potential content helping us reach the top!