At the moment Apple rules the tablet market with the iPad selling millions of units every month. Google is preparing to enter the market with Chrome OS running on a number of different tablets, but we have yet to see any working devices. One enterprising hacker decided he couldn't wait any longer and has managed to get Chromium OS running on an iPad. Hexxeh posted the picture you see about on his blog with the title, "Meet our friend from Cupertino..." His claim was backed up by a tweet sent from the iPad running Google's OS. So while it’s great to see an alternative OS running on the iPad, this isn’t going to be something you want to implement unless you don’t mind a restore. Saying that though, there’s nothing to say it won’t get easier and someone may figure out how to dual boot the i-pad. Vote in our Marmite Poll! What's your opinion on the i-pad? Is it a good or a bad thing? Let us know by voting in our marmite poll by clicking on the link below. Thanks for voting! SOURCE: