This year, Wesley Nichols , Recruitment Consultant at Jenrick Engineering won 'The Jenrick Experience' award of £1000 to achieve his dream to ride a Harley Davidson Motorbike along-side his Dad in America. Wesley's full story is detailed below:
So, I sent my letter of plea to Jenrick as part of the Jenrick Experience to live my long-life dream - to achieve my motorbike licence so my father and I could cruise around America together, only this time I would be driving!  I really appreciate being chosen out of the other entries and thanks to Jenrick I had completed my licence which they helped to fund.  The time finally arrived for me to set off on my trip to America and on Thursday 26th September 2009 I arrived in Memphis, Tennessee where my Dad lives.
Come Friday, I was able to collect the Harley Davidson Softail I had hired in advance - it was the best feeling in the world.  But before I could drive anything anywhere though, there were a few procedures to go through with loads of forms to fill in which was a bit of a chore but knew it would definitely be worth it in the end. Then my head was measured for a nice fitting helmet and other stuff like that. So, when we eventually arrived in Arkansas we stayed in a town called Hardy for the weekend. There, we stumbled across this awesome bike show that appears every year where people can get together and display their bikes. There must have been around 400 Harley Davidson bikes on show or something crazy like that.  It was great to see all the different varieties and the colours they came in, as you can see from the picture I took-incredible! The next stage, I had to do this mini test where I followed a sales assistant on their bike along some quiet, local roads before taking to the main roads properly.  It was actually the first time I'd driven on the right side of the road before so it felt really bizarre but there were no roundabouts making it much, much easier! Anyway, I soon got used to it and passed with flying colours. Once everything else was agreed I was then free to drive the bike away for the first time with my Dad back to his house, something I've wanted to do in a long, long time. It felt amazing.
The following day, my Dad and I rode our bikes 3 hours to Arkansas, a massive place, and on the way we met with two other Harley Davidson riders which was really cool and fun to compare bike models with them.  We were surprised to see they weren't wearing helmets but we soon realised that in Arkansas it's not compulsory to wear them as it's not a very built up area.
As part of our trip we planned to visit the famous Spring River where we loaded up a raft with food along with copious amounts of beer and rafted 5 miles to a pick-up point which in totaltook about 6 hours. It was brilliant fun and just something a bit different.  Afterwards, we stayed an extra night in a nearby town at a lovely hotel with meals included - that was the life!
In the morning, we hopped back on our bikes and rode back to Dads house in Memphis.  On route 55 something unexpected happened where the heavens opened for about 10 mins and we got totally drenched! My girlfriend who was on the back of my bike wasn't best pleased but I thought it was incredible, it definitely added a thrill to the whole experience!
Sadly, it was the final day when I had to part with the beloved Harley Davidson.  Although I was upset to hand the bike back, I was also so chuffed to have been given the opportunity to actually live this dream and if it hadn't have been for Jenrick I probably would never have been able to accomplish it.  It really was a truly amazing experience that I will always look back on. Hopefully one day I'll have my very own Harley Davidson!
Thanks a million Jenrick!
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